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2020 Guide: Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Memphis

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2020 Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Memphis for Rental Properties

Whether you are a real estate investor looking for your next investment property or you are someone looking for the best spot to rent a home, Memphis offers a variety of diverse neighborhoods that can provide you with many features and benefits. From quiet suburbs to city streets, the city of Memphis has it all. Which neighborhood best suits your needs? Read on to find out. 

What are the popular rental markets in Memphis?

With so many neighborhoods and districts in the Memphis area, it’s important to know which can offer you what you’re looking for. Whether you are interested in settling down in a long-term family home or are looking for the perfect starter home, there is a neighborhood in Memphis for you. The diverse neighborhoods in Memphis give real estate investors the opportunity to take advantage of the incredible market in order to find their next investment property. 


An East Memphis suburb with a variety of residential and investment properties, Cordova is one of the top rental markets in the city. Because Cordova is located outside of the big city action, it offers residents a variety of amenities and benefits they may not get elsewhere, including outdoor nature centers, great school systems, and more. Cordova is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Memphis for young professionals and families to settle down for in long term rental homes. For real estate investors looking for an area that offers large and small homes, Cordova is a great place to look. No matter your budget or home size preference,  Cordova continues to be an incredible investment property suburb in Memphis. 

East Memphis

If you’re looking for a neighborhood in Memphis that is close to outdoor attractions while still being close enough to inner city businesses and activities, look no further than East Memphis. Home to some of the best schools in Memphis, the East Memphis neighborhood is one of the top places for families to settle down. One great aspect about East Memphis is the variety of housing options available. Not only does this neighborhood offer high end and luxury living, but it also offers more affordable housing. Close to East Memphis are attractions like Shelby Farms, the Memphis Botanical Gardens, and more. You can also find some of Memphis’ most popular spots to dine with family and friends, including Ciao Bella Italian Grill, Hog & Hominy, and Brother Junipers.


Interested in living in a vibrant and lively Memphis neighborhood that continues to give locals and tourists a small taste of Memphis? Midtown Memphis is one of the most popular neighborhoods for individuals of all ages to enjoy through living, visiting, and exploring. From newly constructed neighborhoods to old homes filled with character, Midtown is home to streets of charm and beauty. The neighborhood offers locals and visitors a variety of fun activities and nightlife to enjoy such as:

  • Live music restaurants
  • Memphis Zoo
  • Art hubs
  • Museums
  • Concert venues


Looking to live or invest in a neighborhood that is home to Memphis culture and music history? Whitehaven, home to Graceland, brings in thousands of visitors and potential residents each and every year. As one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Memphis, you will be able to find a home that fits right into your budget. Whitehaven also comes with many other benefits, including its ideal location. Located near I-55 and I-240, your commute through Memphis traffic just got easier. 

What are the advantages of renting in Memphis?

There are endless advantages to living and investing in the city of Memphis. Whether you are a young professional looking for job opportunities or a family looking for a place to call home, Memphis is ready to welcome you in.  

Cost of Living

One major perk to living in Memphis is you have the opportunity to live in a large metropolitan area without a huge price tag. Memphis is one of the largest cities in the United States that offers a low cost of living. With affordable home values for every budget and rental property opportunities, you can enjoy a big city lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Neighborhood Diversity

Memphis is known for its diversity, culture, and unique history. One reason we love calling Memphis home is that there are so many distinct neighborhoods in and around our city. Memphis has homes for every budget, activities for every hobby, and amenities for every need. 

Job Opportunities

Young professionals continue to flock to the city of Memphis for job opportunities. From Fortune 500 companies to local gift shops, Memphis offers individuals of every age to pursue their career dreams and aspirations. 

Rental Properties in Memphis

The team at Memphis CashFlow works to provide investors and potential residents with ideal locations for rental property opportunities. Memphis offers a variety of diverse neighborhoods that come with amenities, making them marketable to investors and appealing to residents. 

If you are looking to invest in a Memphis rental property, check out our latest investment properties nearby. Interested in renting a home in Memphis? Contact us for more information on available homes in the area. 

Posted by Katie Eldridge at 10:52 AM