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3 Reasons Memphis Has a Thriving Real Estate Investment Market

Memphis Real Estate

Searching for the ideal location for real estate is one of the most crucial and difficult parts of a real estate investor’s job. When looking for your next investment opportunity, where should you start? Memphis.


Why Memphis for Real Estate Investing?

Memphis has quickly become one of the most thriving real estate investment markets in the United States. Investors from around the world are looking to Memphis for great real estate investment opportunities, and for good reason. With affordable home values, high number of renters, and turnkey investment opportunities, Memphis is the place to be. 


Affordable Home Values

One reason the Memphis real estate market is booming: affordable home values. Though Memphis is considered a larger city, there is an incredible amount of affordable homes for every budget. Investing in different neighborhoods is an opportunity for investors to grow their business and see why living in Memphis has become so popular for every age group. 


High Number of Renters

With incredibly affordable home values in Memphis, it is no surprise that the number of renters is high. Unlike some other cities, the high demand for rental properties is a significant benefit for investors to take advantage of. 

Higher ROI

Because Memphis real estate is affordable, investors are able to get a high return on investment. 

College City

One significant reason for high rates of renters in the city of Memphis is due to it being home to a large university. The University of Memphis continues to grow each year, bringing in more and more students to its campus. College students are looking for affordable rental homes and apartments near the university. Considering the consistent need for rental homes, the University District is a great area of Memphis for investors. 


Turnkey Investment Opportunities

If you’re an investor looking for real estate investment opportunities in Memphis, consider turnkey investment properties.Turnkey investment properties have many benefits for investors and potential homeowners, including:

Rent Ready

A significant convenience behind investing in a turnkey property is the homes are totally move-in ready with complete inspections and necessary updates to make sure they home is ready for renters when it is purchased. This takes away the investor’s stress of repairing a home. . 

Passive Income

Investing in real estate is a great way to receive passive income. With a profitable real estate market in Memphis, turnkey investment properties can provide accessible passive income because of:

  • Low interest rates
  • Growing communities
  • Easy investing
  • More 


Learn more about how turnkey properties can bring passive income  →

Real Estate Investing with Memphis CashFlow

The city of Memphis is home to both long-time locals and brand new residents. With a booming real estate market, it doesn’t look like the growth of Memphis will slow down anytime soon. 


At Memphis CashFlow, our team works to connect investors with incredible homes. Whether you have been in the real estate market for years or are looking for your first investment property, Memphis CashFlow can help. 

If you’re interested in working alongside Memphis CashFlow, contact us today to find your next investment property.


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