Should I Invest in Rental Properties or the Stock Market?

If you’re interested in investment opportunities to increase cash flow, chances are you’ve considered the stock market and real estate investment. Both the stock market and the cash flow gained from investing in rental properties can have large ROIs (returns on investment). But which option is better for you, and what are the pros and cons of real estate investment.

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What are the advantages of investing in real estate over the stock market?

Investing in the real estate market can actually be far more lucrative and far less stressful than the stock market. There are several reasons investing in rental properties, especially turnkey rental properties, can be more advantageous than investing in the stock market.

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Unlike the stock market, your return on investment and monthly cash flow from rental properties do not fluctuate on a daily basis. While the real estate market and the overall state of the economy can certainly impact home values, real estate investors can enjoy the benefits of continual cash flow without having to invest time and energy viewing stock market data each day.


Stock market investors can wait weeks, months, and even years to see a return on investment, and only when you sell a stock will you have access to the cash. Investing in a turnkey property means all you have to do is put up the initial investment, since renovations and construction is already taken care of. We’ll even help you locate the right property and the right tenant, so you can begin to receive income immediately. rather than waiting and hoping to see movement in the stock market while your money is tied up in stocks.



Unlike the stock market, real estate investors put up an investment on the front end and enjoy the perks for months and years to come, while most stock market investors must continually buy, sell, and trade to earn a profit. This can require a lot of time and energy to see any rewards.

Real estate investors who work with property management companies enjoy the perks of being a real estate investor without the hassle of being a landlord. Investing in a rental property managed by Memphis Cashflow means you can sit back and relax while we handle the daily tasks involved. That means you can avoid having to take care of tenant issues like:

  • Overdue or Late Payments
  • Noise Complaints
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Property Damages
  • Renovations


Where are the best places to buy rental property?

The Southeast United States is the most ideal location to invest in a rental property. With low housing costs, plenty of urban areas with great amenities, and a growing economy to attract young professionals and families seeking rental properties, it’s not hard to find plenty of real estate investment properties in the area.

Memphis is one of the most popular real estate investment property locations. A great real estate market combined with affordable properties have made the city a great choice for investors around the world.


In addition to numerous turnkey investment property companies, Memphis boasts plenty of suburbs with great public school districts and shopping and dining amenities that are appealing to renters.

Furthermore, some of the country’s largest corporations, like FedEx, ServiceMaster, AutoZone, Pfizer, International Paper, and more, there are plenty of young professionals and contract employees seeking rental properties.


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Ready to start your real estate investment journey in Memphis? We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the turnkey property to fit your budget and neighborhood preference and work with you to ensure the day-to-day operations of maintaining a rental property run smoothly.



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