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Is Memphis a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate?

The Memphis Real Estate Market

Are you interested in investing in a real estate market that is thriving? Memphis has continued to impress real estate investors with a multitude of investment property opportunities. As the second largest metro area in the Mid-South region, Memphis is home to a variety of tenant prospects - young adults, newlyweds, retirees, and families. Now is the time, and Memphis is the place, to begin investing in the real estate market. 


Orpheum Memphis signIs Memphis ideal for real estate investors? 

Memphis is a city that offers a rich history, family-friendly activities, and a multitude of job opportunities. Memphis also offers affordable home values, an ideal price-to-rent ratio, and a large number of renters. Read on to find out why Memphis is an ideal location to invest in real estate. 

Affordable Home Values

Unlike many large metro areas, Memphis offers investors the opportunity to invest in homes with affordable market values. With dozens of real estate investment opportunities, investors have the potential to find a property (or multiple properties) that fit their investment portfolio needs. 

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High Number of Renters

Over the past few years, the number of renters in Memphis has continued to grow. Real estate investors have the opportunity to take advantage of a high number of renters. Why are there such a high number of renters in Memphis?

College Students in Memphis

College students make up a large portion of the renter demographic in Memphis. Many students are looking to live in homes near college campuses, giving investors the opportunity to rent out a significant amount of homes each year. A few colleges in Memphis with rental properties nearby include:

Young Professionals

Home to some of the largest companies in the world, Memphis brings in a multitude of young professionals each year. From FedEx to AutoZone, young adults and newlyweds flock to the city to discover new opportunities. 

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man sitting at table in restaurantTurnkey Investment Opportunities

If you are looking to invest in the Memphis real estate market, turnkey investment properties should be on your list to consider. Not only are these properties available in a variety of neighborhoods, but they also come with other benefits like:

Passive Income

Turnkey investment properties are a great way to bring in passive income. For investors looking for rent-ready properties, turnkey investment properties are the answer. These properties bring passive income due to benefits like: 

  • Growing communities
  • Little to no upfront costs
  • Low interest rates

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Diverse Rental Property Opportunities

If you are looking to invest in a real-estate market that is diverse in property and neighborhood opportunities, Memphis is the city for you. As a metro area with residents of every age group, investors have great opportunities to invest in a variety of diverse rental properties all across the Memphis area for every possible budget. 

downtown Memphis trolleyDowntown Memphis

Downtown Memphis, known for its rich history and incredible cuisine, is one of the most popular areas to invest in rental properties. From apartment studios to town homes, downtown Memphis continues to be an investor’s hotspot. 

Memphis Suburbs

One reason the city of Memphis continues to attract families is because of a diverse selection of suburbs surrounding the city. Whether families are looking for high-end neighborhoods or affordable homes, Memphis suburbs offer it all. A few suburb neighborhoods are:

Price-to-Rent Ratio

Price-to-rent ratios are gathered in order to determine whether it is better to rent or own a property in any given location. According to Mashvisor and SmartAsset in 2019, Memphis was ranked as one of the top cities for those looking to rent homes. Because of the price-to-rent ratio in Memphis, investors have great opportunities to take advantage of Memphis’ incredible real estate market. 


Memphis Real EstateMemphis Real Estate Investment Properties

If you are looking to invest in Memphis’ real estate market, don’t wait. Let the team at Memphis CashFlow help you get started today. Whether you are new to the real estate investing industry or you are an experienced investor, our team can help you stay on track to success through rental property opportunities all across the city. 

Looking for real estate investment advice?

Contact us today for any questions you may have regarding potential rental properties, beginning your investment journey, and more. 


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