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Meet Our Team: Tom Christiansen

Meet Memphis CashFlow Acquisitions Director Tom Christiansen

Memphis CashFlow presents our Employee Spotlight for June. This month, we are featuring Tom Christiansen, our Acquisitions Director. A long-standing member of the Memphis CashFlow team, Tom has been with the company for almost 11 years. In his time here, Tom has stepped up to do whatever was needed, from serving as a commercial tenant liaison to light-bulb replacement. He advanced to his current position in acquisitions nearly 9 years ago and now fulfills one of the most important functions at Memphis CashFlow.

Memphis CashFlow Tom ChristiansenTom's Role at Memphis CashFlow

Our business cycle begins with him, and the company has been able to flourish with his dedication and commitment to the establishment. Prior to working in real estate, Tom had a career in manufacturing. He decided to switch industries after he saw the yield that turnkey real estate could produce. After leaving the manufacturing industry, Tom connected with the Memphis CashFlow co-founder Hulet Gregory and never looked back. Serving as the primary buyer in acquisitions, Tom has remained a constant to the company through many market changes. He excels in his position because of his sharp eye for good deals and important details as well as his strength in negotiations. He has also invested real estate himself and currently owns 10 rental properties.

Tom Christiansen and Family

Away from work, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly. Tom and Kelly met in the early '80s at a spring factory in Connecticut. After having their two boys, Jesse and Matthew, they moved to the Mid-South and have been it their home ever since. Lovers of the outdoors, they enjoy camping, fishing, golfing, snow skiing, and water sports. Tom also loves motorcycles and sometimes rides his Honda 750 to work on a nice day.

Fun Fact
Something you may not know about Tom is that before he moved back to Connecticut in ’73, he was a surfer hippie who lived in a van in the woods in Florida. 
Posted by Katie Eldridge at 8:44 AM