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Where to Invest in Real Estate in Little Rock

In and around Little Rock, Arkansas, there are many great options for individuals or families looking to buy a home. With its low cost of living and beautiful scenery, Little Rock offers some of the best investment property in the country. Here are a few of the best areas for Little Rock real estate investment: 

Investing in the Heights 

  • The median home value in the Heights in Little Rock, AR is $380,143.
  • The median income is $78,491.
  • The population is 5,610.

House in the Heights in Little Rock, AR

Located in the north-central area of Little Rock, the Heights is considered one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. This area features its own upscale retail and restaurant area, as well as many wooded lots and lush, beautifully landscaped lawns. Homes in the Heights are generally larger than surrounding neighborhoods and offer a mixture of Georgian bungalow and Tudor manor-style architecture. As one of Little Rock’s oldest and most popular residential areas, the Heights is a great investment for anyone seeking a combination of old-world style and southern charm. Other advantages to living in the Heights include: 

  • Close proximity to the Downtown area
  • Access to the best-rated schools 
  • Close to area attractions
  • Lots of local shopping and fine dining

Investing in River Mountain

  • The median home value in River Mountain in Little Rock, AR is $259,889.
  • The median income is $102,615.
  • The population is 13,353.

House in River Mountain in Little Rock, AR

River Mountain is one of the best places to live in Arkansas. It offers residents an urban-suburban feel and many places to shop, dine, and play. Located just south of the Arkansas River, River Mountain offers a beautiful landscape that includes a scenic hiking trail and park that’s perfect for the outdoor adventurist. With the number of new, upscale homes growing each month, the median property value is steadily growing — making this a favorable place to invest. Other advantages of living in this area include:

  • Picturesque views
  • Access to great schools
  • Quiet neighborhoods
  • Less traffic

Investing in Midtown (Little Rock)

  • The median home value in Midtown in Little Rock, AR is $178,986.
  • The median income is $53,937.
  • The population is 8,858.

Midtown Little Rock, AR

Midtown is home to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) as well as the Little Rock Zoo, War Memorial Stadium, and Little Rock’s medical corridor which includes The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), CHI St. Vincent Infirmary, and many other specialty practices. With so many vital educational and medical facilities, it’s easy to see why this area of Little Rock is a great place within which to invest. Beyond the obvious perks, Midtown also offers a host of upscale shopping and dining options. Other advantages of Midtown include: 

  • Nearby live music and museums
  • Access to biking trails and parks
  • Walkable neighborhoods 
  • Lots of affordable housing

Investing in the Reservoir 

  • The median home value in the Reservoir in Little Rock, AR is $176,033.
  • The median income is $63,381.
  • The population is 6,622.

Lake in the Reservoir, Little Rock

Located just south of the Arkansas River, the Reservoir is a highly desirable area due to its combination of affordability and convenience. Residents can enjoy living just minutes away from Little Rock’s shopping, dining, and nightlife while also investing in one of the more budget-friendly neighborhoods in the city. This area offers a beautiful community park equipped with basketball, tennis, and disc golf courts. The park also features a playground, softball field, picnic area, and lots of hiking trails. With so much to offer, the Reservoir is a quiet, friendly neighborhood tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the denser areas of the city. Other advantages include: 

  • Quick access to lots of restaurants
  • Several affordable shopping options
  • Easy access to the nearby interstate


Investing in Jacksonville

  • The median home value for Jacksonville, AR is $125,441.
  • The median income is $56,271.
  • The population is 28,673.
  • The population is 28,673.

Lake in Jacksonville, AR

Located within a short driving distance of Little Rock, Jacksonville is a great place to live, work, and play. This area features many area attractions such as the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, Holland Bottoms Wildlife Area, Splash Zone Water Park, Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park, and Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Aside from having many activities to keep you busy, Jacksonville also offers a great cost of living and exceptional home value compared to the national average. This is a great city for outdoor lovers and those looking to raise a family. Other advantages of living in Jacksonville include:

  • Close proximity to Little Rock
  • Quiet neighborhoods and a welcoming community
  • Great area schools
  • Scenic views and many outdoor family activities


Investing in sherwood

  • The median home value for Sherwood, AR is $150,900.
  • The median income is $101,746.
  • The population is 30,812.

Located in Pulaski County, Sherwood, Arkansas is a suburb of Little Rock where many families and young professionals reside. This area offers a sparse suburban feel as well as the stability of a family-oriented environment. Sherwood also offers residents a low cost of living — 8% less than the national average — and a low unemployment rate. In many ways, Sherwood is the best of both worlds. Residents can enjoy the smalltown feel but still be in close proximity to Little Rock. Because of this, residents can enjoy the scenic parks of Sherwood as well as the cultural and recreational activities around Little Rock, such as the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, the Little Rock Zoo, the Rock Town Distillery, the Arkansas Arts Center, and many more. Other advantages of living in Sherwood include:

  • Plenty of dining options
  • Great area schools
  • Golfing and other outdoor activities


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