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Real Estate Services

Memphis CashFlow specializes in providing turnkey investment properties in Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas to real estate investors. Our Memphis investment group works with investors across the United States and throughout other countries as well. 

Buying a real estate investment property and getting it ready to be rented can be very time consuming. You have to research the area, purchase the property once you find one, do necessary repairs, and find tenants. Especially if you are out of state, this can be difficult. Memphis CashFlow will handle all aspects of acquiring a turnkey investment property for you from start to finish. 


Memphis Real Estate Investing

Memphis CashFlow does the homework for you. We scour the real estate market, looking for potential investment properties that have the potential to bring in a good cash flow. We look for properties in established Memphis neighborhoods that are undervalued, keeping in mind what potential renters will be looking for in a rental home. We then purchase these properties and get them ready to be rented.


Investment Property Renovations

After we purchase a property, we do a thorough walk through of the home to see what renovations are needed. We then work with contractors to complete necessary repairs, including installing new light fixtures, repairing plumbing and electrical systems if needed, installing new ac units and furnaces, repairing flooring, etc. We will get the house completely move in ready, without you having to lift a finger.


Property Management Services

Property management is one of the most time consuming parts of owning an investment property. Once our properties are ready for tenants, we partner with Marathon Management to get them rented. All aspects of property management are taken care of, from finding tenants, to collecting monthly rent payments, to upkeep of the property. 


Ready to Begin Investing?

Once our real estate properties are ready to be rented, and usually when tenants have already moved in, we open up our properties to be purchased by investors. We list these turnkey investment properties at fair prices so that you, the investor, can immediately have a cash flow from it. We make it easy to start building your wealth in real estate. 

If you have questions about our process or need help finding a property in Memphis, Tennessee, call us! We look forward to helping you get started.

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