In our decade of experience, we have partnered with a variety of third parties to help our clients purchase properties and get started with real estate investmenting. Today, we have compiled a strong list of resources for our clients, from financing companies to closing attorneys.

Take look at our contacts below, and let us know if there are other resources you would find helpful to kickstart your ventures in real estate investing.

Third-Party Memphis Real Estate Contacts

Steve Bighaus with Security National Mortgage

Are you looking for domestic or international financing options? We can connect you with a great mortgage professional to help you finance investment property here in Memphis. Once you get the financing you need, you can start your real estate investment journey with us. Start with one property, or a few properties around Memphis, and start enjoying the benefits of real estate investment and Memphis Cashflow.

Laura Hollis with Supreme Lending

We can connect you with a mortgage and financial specialist to help you get financing for a Memphis investment property. This is the beginning of a worthwhile and beneficial journey. Real estate continues to perform well in Memphis, so it’s a perfect time to invest in properties around the area. Start with one investment property and see where it takes you. Enjoy great turn-key services for your properties from Memphis Cashflow.

We have non-recourse lenders available to both International investors and Self-Directed IRA investors. For more information contact one of your Memphis CashFlow real estate investment experts at 901-213-6102.

What is a non-recourse loan? These are defined as loans where the borrower(s) are NOT personally liable for repaying an outstanding balance on the loan. These loans are typically for longer-term real estate investments. If you’re looking for a non-recourse loan and need help financing your property investment in Memphis, please contact one of our investment experts here at Memphis Cashflow.

Neal Hanna with Saddle Creek Title

Fearnley, Martin & McDonald, PLLC

We can connect you with great closing attorneys to take care of closing arrangements on any investment properties you purchase in Memphis. These attorneys are terrific with real estate deals and are consistently called upon by our team. If you aren’t from Memphis and don’t know of a reputable attorney, then please reach out to one of the recommended closing attorneys above. Start your Memphis real estate investing journey today.


Click the link above to determine the best rate for your rental. Sometimes settling on the right amount can be hard. Take a look at what other properties are renting for in the same Memphis neighborhood. Get a credible view of the market and then determine the right rental amount for your investment property. Don’t charge too much where people don’t rent and don’t undercharge.

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