What real investors are saying

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for being terrific partners over the last 4 years. Clifton has been one of the most responsive and thoughtful people I have ever worked with. He never seemed to mind spending extra time on the phone with me for any reason. He is a true professional and a great person. - Hilary Billings


A++experience. Great service. They walk you through every step. Clifton does a great job catering to all the investors needs and questions. Have enjoyed doing business with them and will continue to do so in the future. - Anonymous


We're excited to be in touch with you to start talking about purchasing more properties! We've looked at many areas but have decided we would like to continue to invest in Memphis with your team. We have been very happy with our property on Hanna Dr., really liked working with you and Hulet, and like the quick responses and professionalism we've seen from Marathon as well! - Andy Stacey


My wife and I have been investing in real estate for 7 years, and in Memphis since July of 2014. We live in CA, so investing out of state can be challenging. A friend referred me to Clifton at Memphis Cash Flow. Any real estate transaction is about the numbers first, and even though we are still learning, the Memphis market seems to provide excellent cash flows based on sale price and rents. Beyond that, you have to trust the people with whom you work and Clifton has gained our trust. He is an investor, so he knows the process, but more than that, he cares, and tries to do the right thing. When little things have come up along the way, and they always do, Clifton has handled it the right way. Life is about relationships, and I am a big fan of Memphis Cash Flow #1 for the returns, because it wouldn't matter how nice Clifton was without returns, and #1A because I trust Clifton to treat me fairly. - Steve Thomas


Totally 5 STARS!!! Such a pleasure to work with- they provide great, stable properties and take care of their clients, as they have taken care of us! - James Burch


Property management is my least favorite business sector due to the bureaucracy of it all, but this is a great company from my experience. As someone who has worked within the property management sphere I can tell you that it is not easy to find people who will take care of you like Teri and Michelle. I have tons and tons of appreciation for this company and would recommend them over any other Memphis property management company. - Katie L (Review of Marathon Managment, our partner for property management)